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We look beyond square meters and have built up a track record for complex and comprehensive real estate projects.

Investment Strategies

We work with private equity, institutional investors and family offices to optimize returns on their real estate portfolios. We help our clients to set directions and realize results. To identify opportunities local expertise is essential. We partner with our clients and build up pipelines through extensive research, datasets and leveraging of our network. Our track record includes on and off market opportunities across real estate sectors.

Asset Management & Advisory

We are experts in optimizing real estate assets and portfolios. We have built up a track record for complex and comprehensive real estate projects. We create and execute asset management strategies and operate as an advisor or operating partner. We excel in finding intelligent solutions that will enable assets and portfolios to outperform.

What we do

Anticipating the cyclicality of the real estate market and executing market specific asset management strategies have become our signature competences.


We're here to get the most out of real estate assets. But obviously everyone has different requirements. So we search out the best real estate options for the particular circumstances and our shared financial goals.

To do this, we draw on comprehensive knowledge of the Dutch real estate market. But also wide international experience. This gives us a better appreciation of foreign investors' needs and a wider perspective on real estate.

And that's important. Because to provide solutions that will add value, we need to be able to look beyond square meters. Spotting possibilities others simply don't see. New, exciting investment opportunities for us and our partners. In real estate that the market needs and that will maximise results.


There are no short cuts when it comes to providing realistic advice and insightful reports. Our research is therefore always based on solid foundations: rich databases, technical expertise, professional know-how and extensive market knowledge.

Using our network to find mutual investment opportunities. Offering strategic advice on the underwriting of debt or equity. Monitoring and reporting on the performance of deployed capital. Whatever the issue, you can rest assured our work will be honest, well-founded, designed to deliver the specific results we both need, and geared to creating a genuine competitive edge.

Who we are


André Halm - Founding Partner

Regardless location or situation, every business case has its strengths. I am focused on identifying, creating and emphasizing these strengths to realize successful business cases. Being responsible for the performance of our clients’ assets I am committed to finding intelligent solutions that enable our properties to outperform the market. Having worked for investment managers covering domestic and international markets I have built a strong track-record in the real estate industry.


Roger Heaver - Partner

Looking at urban environments and its buildings in different ways leads to insights. From this perspective, I like to think real estate strategies through and unlock new business opportunities. This way strong performance at different times in, and throughout the cycle can be achieved.


Jetse Huisinga - Senior Asset Manager

Moving forward and getting things done by defining and refining strategies and swift execution. Complex situations are handled by a structured approach, analysing necessary steps and owning the targets. Bringing matters towards their end goal is one of my key-strengths.


Boris Muntinga - Finance

Since Cyclus’ inception in 2012 Boris takes care of our financial matters ranging from invoicing to making sure our procedures are compliant with regulations. Boris is available part-time at our offices.

Peter Nieuwland CFA – Advisor to the board

I have worked in the real estate industry for 24 years, most recently as a managing director en regional portfolio manager at Jaguar Listed Property focussing primarily on the European listed property markets. I have held similar positions Northwood Securities and EII Capital Management (EII) where I established their first offshore office and built the investment team. During my tenure at EII the firm won several Lipper Awards amongst which an award for Best International Real Estate Fund over five years. I started my career at APG Investments in 1996 where I was involved with the management of European and US REIT portfolios and was ultimately promoted to a portfolio management position with a responsibility for Europe. At APG I was also involved with investments in private real estate, mostly non-listed fund investments. In my role as advisor I will support the Cyclus team with strategic management decisions as well as corporate responsibility objectives.

What clients say about us

“To strategically reposition this iconic building, we chose to work with Cyclus Property. The results of our cooperation are above everyone’s expectations.”

- Savills Investment Management on “52 Nijmegen”

“Cyclus is our trusted advisor for the Dutch Debt Market. We value highly their ‘on the ground’ knowledge and client focused approach.”

- DRC Capital

Our client base includes private equity, institutions and a number of leading family offices.

Technology and real estate

Platforms and tools

We use technology such as big data analysis tools to support our business:

  • Find tenants (big data, combined with in house market intelligence).
  • Find opportunities (local network combined with big data).
  • Identify investment market trends. 
  • Identify user market trends.


FD Gazellen Awards

The Dutch leading financial paper “Financieel Dagblad” nominated and awarded us in both 2016 and 2017 for being one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

In 2016 a top 10 classification was achieved based on turnover growth in the category “small companies”. 

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